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The Lighten UpNashua "Maintain Don't Gain" Challenge begins Monday November 21, 2016      Sign Up Here

Lighten Up Nashua goes where you go with a site that adapts to any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop)

Lighten Up Nashua helps you track your activity minutes. Along with your weight loss, you can submit your activity minutes. The team with the most accumulated activity minutes will win prizes.

Already registered? Begin weigh-ins again Monday November 21, 2016

Challenge yourself to join a team of 4, lose weight, get active, and get healthier. The challenge offers you two ways to win: lose the greatest percentage of weight loss and/or accumulate the most activity minutes. This gives you and your team the opportunity to win one or both categories.

After registering, log your current weight and activity minutes every day or once a week. Lighten Up Nashua will keep track for you, and you can see your progress throughout the challenge.

2016 Lighten Up Nashua Challenge Dates
January 25 – April 15, 2016 | May 9 – July 29, 2016 | August 22 - November 11, 2016 | Maintain Don't Gain Challenge November 21 - December 31, 2016


Let’s Get Started & FAQ’s

To join: Find three family members, friends or co-workers, gather everyone’s name and email. Come up with a “fun” team name and register here Lighten Up Nashua

If you need to change teams or remove yourself from your current team, go to the Progress Tracker and follow the instructions to remove yourself from your team and how to join another team or to participate as an individual 
(To add yourself to an existing team, you will need the new TEAM ID. A team member of your new team can give you the TEAM ID.

If you are an individual participant who wants to join an existing team go to the Progress Tracker and follow instructions to add yourself to an existing team. You will need the new TEAM ID. A team member of your new team can give you the TEAM ID
Note: Only a team member can delete a team member and only a team member can access the TEAM ID
NOTE: If you have any questions or need any additional help contact: admin@lightenupnashua.org

How to win? 

The Lighten UpNashua team with the greatest percentage of weight-loss and/or the most accumulated fitness minutes over the 16-week challenge will win prizes. In order to win, you will need to submit your weight and fitness minutes on the Progress Tracker every week using your email address that you used to register for the challenge. You need to submit your weight and fitness minutes at least once a month.

NOTE: You can enter your weight and fitness minutes every day. If you make a mistake entering your weight or fitness minutes, just enter them again. The system will only count the last entries made to calculate your progress.

Click here if you’d like to coordinate teams at your organization and here for an employee announcement letter that you can use to invite others to join the challenge.

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